P 66 Manuscript

P 66 Manuscript


P66 Manuscript

Language : Greek

Date : AD 200 (Victor Martin) - AD 100-150 (Herbert Hunger) - "early or middle fourth century" (Brent Nongbri)

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The P66 manuscript was found in 1952 at Jabal Abu Mana near Dishna (Egypt) The manuscript contains John 1:1-6:11, 6:35b-14:26, 29-30; 15:2-26; 16:2-4, 6-7; 16:10-20:20, 22-23; 20:25-21:9, 12, 17. It is one of the oldest well-preserved New Testament manuscripts known to exist. 

The date is somewhat debatable. Its original editor assigned the codex to the early third century, or around AD 200, on the basis of the style of handwriting in the codex. Herbert Hunger later claimed that the handwriting should be dated to an earlier period in the middle or early part of the second century. More recently, Brent Nongbri has produced a broader study of the codex and argued that when one takes into consideration the format, construction techniques, and provenance of the codex along with the handwriting, it is more reasonable to conclude that the codex was produced "in the early or middle part of the fourth century."



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