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History: "Sylva Sylvarum: A Natural History, in Ten Centuries," is a collection of Francis Bacon’s 17th Century natural medicine and philosophy, published in 1627. Sylva Sylvarum details the scientist’s experimental observations. The collection includes "New Atlantis," Bacon’s interpretation of a future for human discovery, and knowledge, which is likened to the discovery of America. Francis Bacon’s reputation as an English philosopher, scientist, and author lent credit to his extreme influence during the scientific revolution, and Voltaire introduced him as the “father of the scientific method.” 



Codex Atlanticus by

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci's Hammer Codex

Hammer Codex

Author: Leonardo Da Vinci

Language: Italian, Backwards

Date: 1506-1513

History: "The Hammer Codex," also known as the Codex Leicester, is a collection of scientific writings by Leonardo Da Vinci. Most of the writings are on the subject of water. Of the 30 surviving Leonardo notebooks, the Hammer Codex is one of the most famous. This codex brought record sales, at the Christie's auction house in 1994, a staggering 30,802,500 USD. Bill Gates was the winning bidder.

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